10 Best Dinges To Do On The Island Of Amelia

In fact, it is more like St. Simons Island in Georgia or Hilton Head Island in South Carolina than other Florida beach resorts. Riptide Beach Services is Amelia Island’s best full-service beach delivery, specializing in beach rental, backwater tours and surf lessons / Up Paddle Board stand. Let our professional and friendly staff help you make your stay on our beautiful island an experience you will not forget. With a variety of activities to get you off the ground and into the water, you are sure to find an adventure affordable for the whole family. Your guide will tell you all about the area’s history, including how Amelia Island was under the rule of six different countries, and the Carnegie family’s connection to Cumberland Island. You also learn everything you always wanted to know about life on the river.

The nature-led walk around Willow Pond Trail winds through a coastal hammock to freshwater ponds. From the beautiful beaches to the historic brick streets, there is plenty to do on the island of Amelia. During a recent trip to the island amelia island family fishing charters in North Florida, I spent time exploring the sites and natural beauty. Various charter tours are available at Amelia Island Charters all season. One of my favorite places in the state is actually opposite pool on South Beach location.

The history of the Spanish mission in the region is also described in detail, along with the impact of the railway industry under the supervision of businessman David Yulee. A counterfeit prison cell brings the building’s past to life, while an interactive children’s discovery ship, the Margery, teaches young visitors how to steer their own ship and develop maritime skills such as knitting knots. While the best food is in Fernandina Beach, on the north side of the island, it is recommended to stay in American Beach along the southern part of the coast if you are looking for hotels on Amelia Island. This beach with a view of the Atlantic Ocean remains largely intact, except for the few tourist centers that pass by sparingly. Sometimes most of a holiday around the table comes together in a unique restaurant at its destination.

The second is the modest American beach, founded in the 1930s for African Americans to access the ocean in this separate part of the country. Today it is a modest, predominantly black community, hidden among all that wealth of the southern tip. The third is located in the middle of the island, a traditional beach community with a mix of affordable motels, huts, apartments and an inn by the sea. Cuarto is the historic coastal town of Fernandina Beach, with an area of 50 blocks of beautiful Victorian houses, Queen Anne and Italianatas which are included in the National Register of Historical Places.

About 400 of these Victorian-era architectural buildings appear in the national register, while Center Street is dotted with local shops, antique markets and quaint restaurants. Stroll through the Palace Saloon for a drink in Fernandina Beach, Florida’s oldest lounge, then take a tram ride through the area to learn more about the 4,000-year history on display. Blue Door Artists is a collective of galleries and art studios in Fernandina Beach, which is open to the public from Monday to Saturday in the morning and afternoon.

For those who have enough time to explore this barrier island neighborhood, take a day trip to the neighboring coast. Amelia Island exhibits Florida’s history and heritage, with 13 beautiful miles of coastline and charming streets that make this barrier island so captivating. Here you can visit natural wonders, horseback riding on the beach and explore the local art scene in one day, as this region in Northeast Florida is the perfect place to get away from it all and enjoy the simple pleasures. Home to one of the gems in the small town of Florida, read on to discover the best things to do on the island of Amelia. First, the southern end is an exclusive real estate development built in a forest of twisted and mossed live oak. Here you will find a tennis and golf lifestyle at a country club in two of Florida’s most luxurious resorts.

And the fifth is the unlimited Fort Clinch State Park, which prevents developers from turning the northern tip of the island into more luxurious resorts. Featuring over five miles of pristine coastline, Little Talbot Island State Park is one of the few undeveloped barrier islands left along the northeast coast of Florida. Head to the cemetery to see the unique collection of washed trees, or enjoy a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, surfing and fishing.