15 Best Thai Horror Movies

As part of a show, they watched a supposedly spooky video presented by a viewer, only to experience strange events that the film crew then brought to Haruna’s creepy familiar school. An Asian intercultural trilogy of horror films by experienced independent directors. Only the best Thai horror movies have come to this list, rated for quality and filterable by streaming options; It includes ‘Shutter’, ‘4bia’ and ‘Laddaland’. While this Thai horror movie doesn’t have an extremely intense or fast plot, the simple yet terrifying story will definitely make you nervous for a few days. If you thought the second movie in this series couldn’t be more terrifying, you’re wrong. A precursor to the previous one, this film reveals an even more gruesome backstory full of black magic, torture and infidelity.

The film is about Pim, a young woman who recently moved to Korea to escape the guilt of being the only survivor after divorce surgery with her twin sister. When she returns to Thailand to visit her dying mother, her deceased sister’s evil spirit returns ดูหนังออนไลน์ to chase her. Believe me, only it is full of surprises and endings that even M. If you’re a fan of black magic and blood, you want to see all three movies in the Art of the Devil trilogy. Be careful, these are very dark movies with a terrible theme.

Pee Mak The 2013 horror film is adapted from the Thai Mae Nak Phra Khanong folklore and directed by Banjong Pisanthanakun. Interestingly, the film is listed as the best-scoring film of all time in Thailand. Nott is full of pain, suffering after the death of his girlfriend Pla.

In general, it tells a bittersweet story that moves surprisingly.

It was so popular that a new English version of the same name was released in 2008. There is also an Indian remake called Sivi and a Hindi remake called Click . This film is inspired by the real phenomenon of capturing ghosts in photos. The lists of the best Thai horror movies will always include this classic. Shutter is one of the most traumatic, if not the most traumatic horror films ever decorated with cinema. He made sure that people took care of their shoulders and reacted excessively with a stiff neck, the reason he will learn after watching the movie.