October 2022

Keep Our Democracy If We Protect All Our RIGHTS!

After, worker on many political campaigns, previously four decades, as well as having written a huge selection of articles, regarding current events, and commonsense, it concerns me, the frequency of which, many individuals, pay so – little attention, and they are attracted to politicians, who seem to, merely, actually tell them, what it really seems, right now, they need to hear (even, if individual’s actions and behaviors, are yet to done so), as an alternative to what they need to learn! While most, would, probably agree, we’re currently, experience, more polarization, and partisan politics/ insufficient cooperation, than previously – before, in recent memory, they seem, unable, or unwilling to achieve, the attempt, to limit some RIGHTS, abbreviated – term, personal/ political agendas, and/ or, self – interests, risks this nation’s actual democracy, in the future! With, that at heart, this information will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, utilizing the mnemonic approach, what this implies and represents, and why it matters.

  1. Relevant; religion (you aren’t); right thing; responsible: Unless/ until, we protect our rights, rather than, selective ones, and realize, as an example, freedom – of – religion, means, all people have the right to observe their chosen one (as well as to decide to not observe any), and also this nation, by – design, won’t have a national religion (We are not a “Christian State”), we risk our future democratic principles! RIghts have to be relevant, and, doing the right thing, in a specific point, on time, means taking responsible actions, with sound judgment! For example, public health insurance and public safety, need to take priority, over, alleged, unlimited, Second Amendment Rights, and/ or, supposed, personal freedoms, being an excuse, for harming the health insurance/ or, safety, in the greater good!
  2. Integrity; inspire: Our national leaders should be held on the highest standards of non-public, genuine, consistent integrity, to allow them to, better, inspire others, to perform the right thing!
  3. Generate goodwill; greater good: We must start to prioritize the more good, and generating goodwill, when you’re open – minded, and inclusive, so, we grow the worthiness, and devotion to all of our freedoms and rights!
  4. Humane; head/ heart; healing: Wouldn’t we benefit, as being a nation, when we elected humane leaders, who prioritized healing, and bringing – us, together, as an alternative to polarization? It takes leaders, ready to use the finest aspects of their emotional, and logical potentials, inside a head/ heart balance, to really, keep America, as great, mainly because it should be!
  5. Together; trustworthy: If those, we elected, were perceived, to, far – more, trustworthy, wouldn’t it be the better choice, they could, better, bring – us, together, for the higher good?
  6. System; solutions (all, not selective); stronger; service: How should America’s systems, encourage solutions, which protect all of our rights, as opposed to, merely, selective, self – serving ones? We must attempt to make our democratic ways, stronger, plus more sustainable, after we hope, for making our Constitutional guarantees, be, of, more service, and value, to all or any!

If America is always to continue, to become, the voice for freedoms, human rights, and democratic ideas, across the world, we’ve got to begin, to steer, by example! Wake up, America, before, it’s in its final stages!