5 Ways to Use a Todo List to Plan Your Day

Writing a Todo List is a good method to plan your day and stay motivated. Mark Forster, a productivity author, once made the list of his daily tasks put it in a drawer. He thought writing it down could aid in remembering what he needed to do but in the end the list was not completed. the tasks on his list. It all depends on how you plan your day and the habits you have.


Toodledo lets you set personal goals that will assist you in directing your energies. Goals are more abstract and difficult to quantify than tasks. Like tasks, goals are made up of a variety of tasks. In Toodledo you can track which tasks contribute to your goal, and the improvements you’ve made. If you’re interested in using Toodledo as your personal todo list, keep reading!

Toodledo is compatible with a wide variety of platforms. It is able to sync across devices and supports a variety of productivity styles. You can make custom lists and habit-tracking. You can even mark tasks using visual stars. You can also integrate Toodledo with other productivity tools like Evernote or Google Keep. Using Toodledo on your computer or mobile device can aid in keeping you focused, organized and increase your productivity.

Toodledo is an productivity tool that blends notes-taking, structured outline templates and custom lists. It also lets you collaborate with others, save data and sync across all platforms. You can make custom lists and share them with your friends and assign tasks to other users. You can also assign tasks to different people and track the progress of tasks in real-time. And Toodledo also syncs across devices, meaning you’ll never lose track of the tasks that need to be completed!


TickTick’s Todo List app helps you manage your tasks, schedule meetings, create memos and share shopping lists. It is easy to use due to its user-friendly interface. The free version comes with many useful features. However If you wish to enjoy more advanced features, you need to upgrade. A trial version will let you know the cost and upgrade options. The premium version is well worth the cost.

Another popular feature of TickTick is setting a task as recurring. This allows you to select when a task should recur in accordance with the completion of the current task or choose the date to be fixed. The Due Date will be displayed regardless of the date the task was completed. You can also modify the repeat type of a task by navigating to the Repeat Type menu when you create an entirely new task.

The app also lets you to convert emails into tasks. While most task management software require you to input tasks manually, TickTick allows you to complete the task quickly and easily using its intelligent feature, which allows you to add a new task with just a voice command or a quick click of the Quick Ball. It can also set reminders for tasks with due dates and you’ll never forget a deadline.

Microsoft To-Do

If you’re looking for an application to aid you in managing your daily tasks, consider the cloud-based Microsoft To-Do List. This task management application allows you to access and manage your tasks across multiple devices. Not only is it an excellent tool to stay organized and focused, it’s also a user-friendly application. Here are some of its most important features:

The To-Do List is organized through the list on the left navigation panel. There are pre-defined lists such as “Assigned to You”, “Flagged emails” and many other smart lists. You can also create your own custom lists for different tasks. Microsoft To-Do offers many useful features for managing routines and tasks. Users can modify the layout of their lists by activating the smart list feature and changing the theme. They can mark tasks as complete and important. Read more about best to-do list app here.

The Microsoft To-Do app is available on Mac and PC, and works across platforms. It lets you send tasks via email and connect to a variety of apps. You can alter the task display by changing the color or turning on dark mode. Another useful feature is sharing tasks with other users. The app to manage complicated lists. There are some limitations that are not addressed, such as the insufficient options for prioritizing. A task manager can assist you in increasing your productivity.

Excel spreadsheets

Using Excel spreadsheets to manage Todo List management can be an excellent way to organize and track tasks. They can be organized by due date or priority, or by owner. Depending on the goal of your spreadsheet, you can export your tasks to apps such as Microsoft Teams. You can customize the spreadsheet to suit your requirements and share it with others. Continue reading to learn about how Excel spreadsheets can be customized to help with Todo List management.

You must know the basics of Excel spreadsheets for Todo List management before you begin using them. To link a checkbox another spreadsheet cell, you first need to select the cells in which the checkbox is located. The conditional formatting rule can be used to connect each checkbox with a cell or range. For instance, if, for example, you want the status column to display checkmarks, you need to link the cell with the sheet1 cell.

Another useful feature of todo lists is their ability to include notes in the column. Notes can provide specific instructions for a task, such as when it should be completed. They can also be used to note down problems that arise while you work. You can create an additional row to the left of the row that you are currently working on and use the same formulas and formatting to create the new column. You can also create prioritizing columns.

Word documents

Todo Lists can be added to Word documents. This feature can detect notes and messages within a document and transforms them to actionable lists. It is part of Editor Microsoft’s AI-powered writing tool. It replaces the old methods of creating lists and notes. The new feature will automatically add all the information you require to your document including a header as well as a subheading.

Templates for To-Do Lists are widely available for Word. Free Word templates are available to download and you can modify the templates to meet your specific requirements. If you’re looking for a professional-looking Todo List, you can download one from GraphicRiver. You can also print and personalize the Word to-do list template. You can also choose to create a blank Word document when you don’t want templates.

There are many ways to include checkboxes in the Todo List. One method is manually adding checkbox symbols into the Todo List. This can be a lengthy process, especially in the case of a lengthy checklist. To accomplish this, you must open the Developer tab and then select Check Box Content Control. Then copy the checkbox icons and paste them onto each line. This will need to be repeated process several times, which is tedious for long-term projects.

Email lists

You’ve probably noticed how difficult it is to manage your email inbox if you’re an avid user of email. You’re constantly bombarded with messages whether you’re on the road for business or managing your household. Management of email requires a lot of lists and folders. It can be difficult to use. Setting deadlines and priorities is complicated. Plus, maintaining email lists can be costly.

A good to-do list application has an email option to send regular updates to your colleagues, friends, and even yourself. Most of the major websites also have the option of sharing and Gmail comes with a number of features that can help you manage your inbox efficiently. To make emailing more efficient try downloading a no-cost todo list app. You’ll be able to manage your list from any location, and you can even connect your email account to your mobile phone.

Some todo-list apps allow you to retrieve tasks from emails. Look in the help section to confirm that the application has an email-retrieval option to retrieve tasks. Keep in mind that emails don’t need to be about correspondence. They can also refer to tasks. It can be difficult to keep on top of all the tasks emails. However it is possible to convert emails into tasks to help keep track of your tasks.

Google Drive

Todo List is a list that you can use to record your tasks. You can make notes, cross them off as you complete them, or even share the list with colleagues. Any device that has an internet connection can access the to-do list. To add notes, simply click on a cell on the list and then select the “comment” field. Google Drive automatically saves your to-do list to Google Drive.

Todo lists can be a great way to organize your work. Whether you’re working with team members or clients Todo lists is an excellent method to keep in mind all your tasks and get it accomplished. Google Docs’ to-do list allows for easy collaboration with others and allows for cross-checking of recorded tasks. It’s great for small teams as well as growing startups with five or more users.

Google Docs also has a fantastic to-do list. You can edit it to include subtasks. There are a myriad of options for you, including the bullet icon. In addition to this the list also includes mobile notifications and settings that can be customized. With this flexibility, few to-do lists offer as much flexibility. If you’re not keen to use Google Docs, you may think about Friday. If you’re looking for a todo list app without the cost, you can make use of Google Sheets.

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