Branding strategy guide for Spotify artists

Spotify is intended for all music lovers and more specifically for the future generation, both artists and listeners, which brings together people born between 1980 and the current day. A young audience, aware of new technologies. The Spotify user or subscriber primarily wants to listen to music, while discovering new titles or artists, depending on his musical tastes. Artists should automatically adapt brand strategies to provide these subscribers with the songs they want to hear, and in so doing, they earn money. From the published report on streamsbyte, it was mentioned that, 68% of their music artists who buy spotify plays usually get huge spotify royalty through their integrated spotify music promotion service. In a way those music artists were able to turn their audience into earning.

Spotify Marketing Concept

In a time where the recording industry is gradually declining, the concept of an invention like Spotify could only meet with success. By offering its subscribers a wide choice of titles of all styles, Spotify was able to capture their needs and thus better meet their expectations.

With this new way of consuming music, the company hopes to roll back the illegal downloads.

The artists and creators on this streaming platform see it as a common interest. Major labels have signed copyright agreements with the company, allowing the latter to broadcast more than 40 million titles. This large number of songs satisfy an even larger number of users to get them to opt for the paid version.

Artists are now trying to get their share of fame and money. Using Spotify for Artists can make this success an easy thing if a good Branding Strategy guide is put into place.

The Products.

In addition to its flagship product, Spotify is trying to diversify its library by offering its users (subscribers or not), customized playlists according to their tastes. In addition, recently the company also relies on the success of podcasts. Thus, it did not hesitate to invest in the acquisition of two companies: Anchor and Gimlet Media. Not only does it offer a wide range of podcasts to its users, but it also offers the possibility to all those who wish to broadcast their own podcasts. An excellent way to position yourself in this growing market and to counter all of its competitors such as Amazon Music, Apple Music and Deezer.

To build a reputation for yourself as an artist and attract more and more new followers, plays and streams, Spotify relies on personalized advertising. Thus, by collecting data on the habits and behaviors of each user, the company manages to adapt its communication according to their preferences. Playlists are then regularly arragned and offered to users. The goal is mainly to get them to opt for the premium version. Your main aim as an artist is to make into one of these playlist, this will automatically generate new plays and will earn you new fans.

Similarly, commercials will change according to the time of day. For example, a person will not see the same message in the morning during his jogging session, as in the evening during a party with friends.

Spotify broadcasts its ads primarily through social media, but also through cinema and billboard.

Investing in advertisement all over the internet will help your grow faster and consequently, richer.

Do not hesitate in investing your money in order to earn more money.


The company places a premium on the partnerships it implements with many companies and artists. A clever strategy since by linking with famous brands and musicians, it makes sure to reach new potential customers.

Recently, Samsung has also announced a partnership with the streaming giant. The offer would concern a range of smartphones in which the Spotify app would be pre-installed and the Premium subscription offered for six months.

Many other brands are also partners of the company Such as Playstation network and Google Home.

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