Vaccinations And Wearing Masks Helps!

How often, do a lot of the same people, who, demand some selective enforcement of specific, selective, perceived, alleged, rights and freedoms, ignore, and/ or deny realities, needs, as well as the overall, public health, and safety, in the rest of society? Why has getting vaccinated, and wearing a mask, so as to address this horrible pandemic, be a partisan, political position? Doesn’t it seem, hypocritical, and/ or, selectively, opposing vaccinations, in this case, while, predominantly, saying nothing, around the many other vaccines, which, we should take, by way of example, for kids to attend schools, and, even, for dogs, to get boarded, most of the time? Isn’t it strange, if the world faces the worst pandemic, in over the century (and, perhaps, ever), considering the variety of infections, and/ or, deaths, and also the same people, who demanded, reopening our economy, wouldn’t can do their part, to make sure, this can be achieved, more efficiently, and expeditiously? With, that under consideration, this document will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 reasons, vaccinations, and wearing masks, create a true difference, with the better.

  1. Protect self: Even, you are so, egocentric, he doesn’t care around the health and wellbeing of others, plus the greater good, it would seem being common sense, for taking these steps, to shield one’s self, and significantly, lower the possibilities of getting ill, using this type of virus, and, if, so, decrease the severity, and risks!
  2. Protect family, friends, and family and friends: Scientists signify, herpes is most threatening, to prospects, that are, in a number of ways, immune – compromised! If, we catch, or spread the herpes virus, about bat roosting individuals, we might be issuing, a death sentence! It seems a inconvenience, rather than the potential consequences, and ramifications!
  3. Protect community: We have discovered, today, almost all of those, severely infected, using this type of virus, are unvaccinated! Shouldn’t everyone, assume some responsibility, and do his part, to lessen the spread?
  4. Significantly slow – down COVID: This virus, like many more, often, mutates, over – time, if considering the opportunity, and, the easiest method to slow – down this procedure, and provides mutations, no place/ host, to go/ live, is to look at the public health measures, suggested with the professionals, and cooperate, with the greater good!
  5. Save the elderly/ immune – compromised: Don’t we owe it, on the elderly, and others with immune – compromised, conditions, to try and do all we could, to shield them, plus the best way, known to perform so, is to consider advantage in the vaccinations and boosters, and wear a mask, when indicated (especially, indoors, in crowds, and/ or, in higher – risk areas, etc)?
  6. Help restore us to seal – to – normal: How can anyone, claim, to become a patriot, and complain, we should instead get back – to – normal, and, then, refuse to become a part in the solution, rather than part from the problem, especially, once this denial, and deficiency of cooperation, relies, predominantly, on, unfounded theories, conspiracy fears, denials, and politics?

Wake up, America, and do your account, by a mask (when indicated), and receiving vaccinated, plus a booster! Are you willing being part from the solution, sooner, in lieu of later?

Crimes And Enabling

If you haven’t observed, were undergoing, a time period of increased amounts/ quantities of hate – crimes, it is likely you haven’t been paying enough attention! Many feel, this can be occurring, at a rate, we’ve not seen, in recent memory, and, this might be more dangerous, than – ever, because, numerous politicians, and elected officials, often believe, enabling, and entitling the haters, etc, serves their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! It has gotten to the actual, where, sound judgment indicates, after we don’t reduce this partisan behavior, hatred, bigotry, and prejudice, we risk the identity and character of the nation, and lose, most of what, we’ve considered the protections, and Constitutional guarantees, which differentiate us, all over the world! When haters feel enabled, unfortunately, their anti – social behavior, increases, both, in – frequency, and also, severity/ danger! With, that planned, this document will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 regions of concern, which we should address, sooner, in lieu of later.

  1. Antisemitism: In the 1930’s and 1940’s, the earth witnessed, what the results are, when antisemitism, becomes prevalent, and permitted! We have seen this dangerous behavior, on lots of occasions, after that, but, it seems like, how many hate – crimes, committed against Jews, continues to grow, in the number/ frequency, along with, in how these haters, seem, more enabled and entitled, than in the past! If we hope, to guarantee, We’ve seen this before, and, Never again, be a little more – than – empty rhetoric/ slogans, we need to enforce laws, created to criminalize a lot of these behaviors, and actions!
  2. Voting rights: While some claim, they seek changes, in voting rights, and corresponding laws, it appears to be, it really is more about restricting the privileges, and rights, only, to selective groups (minorities, and/ or, others, minus the same political perspectives/ agendas)! How can we say he is, for, liberty and justice for all those, unless/ until, after we don’t insist, every citizen, has the ability to cast his vote, fairly, and without interference?
  3. Systemic racism: Although, occasionally, systemic racism, is very much, some of those, over – used, slogans, etc, denying, it exists, in policing, Courts, employment, etc, is, a type of dangerous – denial! If, we enable this behavior, and invite it, being, the so called, standard behavior, we risk, losing an essential component within our democracy!
  4. Polarization/ political rhetoric: We witnessed how, somebody, served his personal/ political agenda, and, self – interest, for four years, as President of the United States, and, how, when someone because type of responsibility, and thus much power/ influence, can cause polarization, and divisiveness, if we need, public officials, who prioritize, bringing us, together, with the greater good! When public leader uses the rhetoric, of hatred, it enables his core supporters, inside an unhealthy way!
  5. Encouraging/ enabling haters: Referring to violent, White Supremacists, etc, in such a way, which, equates them, to peaceful protestors, saying, Good people on both sides, or, constantly, lying and making false claims, while using apparent intention, of, encouraging these haters, creates a setting, which does enable them, and earn this behavior, acceptable, inside their perceptions!

Wake up, America, and protect the integrity individuals nation, as well as the core principles of democracy! If we don’t do so, proactively, and very soon, it can be, in its final stages, and we will lose our basic direction, perhaps, forever!

Is The Coronavirus Being Used To Divide People?

Before the contagion came into the scene, it can’t be to certainly say that, in general, there seemed to be harmony on the planet. There were numerous things which a number of people were fighting over.

For example, there was clearly the battle between some individuals and between individuals who belong to one religion and another. However, just recently, a different battle has arisen between some of people who are vaccinated and many of those that are not.

Nothing New

This isn’t to point out that every other battle is here to an end, though; no, it simply means that, occasionally, this blog has overshadowed and it is overshadowing virtually all of the others. One way to have a look at all this would be to claim that this is nothing new as humankind have always fought the other person.

Unlike a great many other animals, aside from rats, by way of example, who is able to be very brutal to 1 another, they frequently find it challenging to tough to live in harmony with one another. So, while a large part of humanity is a bit more ‘civilised’ laptop or computer was in the last, remnants in the past still remain.

Modern-day Warfare

In earlier times, weapons were largely used gets hotter came for an army or tribe that attempted to defeat another this also approach remains utilised. Nowadays, there’s, naturally, weaponry around that will have appeared like magic to people that were fighting in battles just one hundred years ago, aside from hundreds of years ago.

In ‘civilised’ societies, people still fight for his or her survival and resources but, it is something that largely comes about through the use of language and governmental laws. One population group is then not about to use any guns or swords, yet they may try to defeat their ‘adversary’ in a different way.

Centre Stage

When you are considering the battle between some of those that are vaccinated and a few of people who are not, this is a battle which involves the state. Those whorrrre vaccinated and need everyone else to own this organisation in it.

When someone is at this position, they’re likely to believe that it is the best for the crooks to be protected and also to be safe as well as for everything to revisit ‘normal’. Due to this, they are likely to believe that they can be doing the appropriate thing and individuals who don’t want the vaccine do the wrong thing.

A Natural Outcome

But, should the vaccines they have had, in addition to those that they may be yet to obtain are there to shield them whilst them safe and all with the experts seem in favour of them, why would they be some other way? Furthermore, the mainstream media will validate their outlook, keeping them even more belief into their view.

There are able to be all in the people within their life who have the same view and so are probably plugged into a similar news source. Therefore, gone will be the reason to allow them to see things differently.


In their eyes, individuals who won’t make them can be seen to selfish and completely stupid. To them, this vaccine won’t be any different to another inasmuch since it was created to defend someone.

They could describe someone this way as an ‘anti-vaxxer’, who’s too depressed by a conspiracy theory so that you can think clearly and face reality. For not doing the ‘right’ thing and taking into consideration the ‘greater good’, they could think that people such as this should be punished and forced to get the vaccine.

Extreme Conflict

Naturally, if someone will not be interested in finding the vaccine and these are treated in this way, it is about to lead to disharmony. To go even more, it will result in a very segregated society.

Instead of someone that’s vaccinated the ability to put this difference aside gets hotter comes to a person that isn’t and realising they’ve so many things in accordance, they may see them to be a social leper. They will be less-than-human and, to be a result of this, must be dealt with.

One Dimensional

Nonetheless, if someone else isn’t enthusiastic about having these vaccines, they may be only too happy to possess other vaccines, therefore, aren’t an ‘anti-vaxxer’. Consequently, they may believe that that is a term that is built to silence dissent.

This then helps it be appear as if the vaccine is purely ‘good’ and questioning it truly is purely ‘bad’, which may cause people to unconsciously, in any other case consciously, fear being disapproved of as well as ostracised for questioning the narrative. Ergo, a blend from the need to belong, trust in professionals and the fear which the mainstream media has programmed into them may play a big part in where did they behave.

The Other Side

Being capable to tolerate ambiguity will not be easy and it is something how the government and mainstream media use on. This is why someone like this really is an ‘anti-vaxxer’ as opposed to someone that has legitimate concerns, concerns that ought to be looked into.

If this method was taken, there would be less ought to demonise those that are not willing to possess these vaccines injected in their body. Someone this way can be looking forward to both the medium and extended data before deciding if this can be the right option to allow them to take.

Plenty of questions

Lastly, they are able to wonder why it matters if they can be vaccinated or not in the event the vaccine really works. They could also wonder why the device doesn’t encourage people to increase their immunity naturally.

Stress is claimed to lower the disease fighting capability and if a person spends considerable time consuming the mainstream media, a resource that primarily targets doom and gloom, this is just not going to complete them worthwhile. One will then be ‘boosting’ their immunity by keeping the vaccines and undermining it by being attached to a source of info that is meant to keep them in a state of fear, not make them aware and perhaps they’re eating food that does not serve them.

The Diary of Anne Frank

Anne Frank (Annelies Marie Frank – 12 June 1929 – c. February 1945) became a German girl of Jewish heritage who became a victim in the Nazi Holocaust.

She gained posthumous fame together with the 1947 publication of The Diary of any Young Girl (Dutch: Het Achterhuis – English: The Secret Annex), where she documents her life in hiding from 1942 to 1944, over the German occupation with the Netherlands in World War II.

The Diary of any Young Girl is one in the world’s best-known books and possesses been translated into 70 different languages and also being delivered to life through movies and plays.

Born a German national, in Frankfurt, Germany, Anne lost her citizenship in 1941.

She and her family were expected to move to Amsterdam, Netherlands in 1934 on the age of four due to Hitler along with the Nazi Party’s persecution on the Jews in Europe.

From 1933 to 1942, Anne and her family lived a cheerful life at Merwedeplein square in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Her father, Otto, was obviously a Jewish businessman while her mother, Edith, stayed you will find take care of Anne and Margot.

The girls traveled to school in Amsterdam, along to learn Dutch.

Anne had many friends and enjoyed playing table tennis and dancing using them.

She spent her down time reading, writing and riding her bike.

Anne also a fascination together with the British royal family and Hollywood movie stars.

Then, in May, 1940, the German occupation on the Netherlands began and Nazi persecutions with the Jewish population increased by 1942.

On the 5th of July, 1942, Anne’s sister, Margot received a “call-up” to report to get a so-called “labour camp” in Nazi Germany.

Her parents were suspicious concerning the “call-up” and realized they to go into hiding as a way to escape the Nazis.

The Secret Annex

The Frank family in addition to three members in the Van Pels family and Fritz Pfeffer, a dentist, chosen to hide within a concealed Secret Annex behind a bookcase within the building of Otto Frank’s business.

Otto informed Miep Gies, his secretary along with a close and trusted friend in the Frank family he and his family are inclined into hiding and asked her if she would be prepared to help them.

Miep immediately offered her support having seen trucks rich in Jews daily heading to your railway station being taken to Nazi concentration camps.

At their apartment, near the Merwedeplein the place that the Franks had lived prior to going into hiding, Gies and her husband also hid an anti-Nazi undergraduate.

Anne was only thirteen when she and her family went into hiding.

Miep Gies

Hermine “Miep” Gies (née Santrouschitz; 15 February 1909 – 11 January 2010) was Austrian by birth, however in 1920, on the age of eleven, she was consumed in as a foster child by way of a Dutch family in Amsterdam to whom she became very attached.

In 1933, Gies began working at Otto Frank’s Opekta business which manufactured products employed for making jellies and jams.

With her husband Jan along with other Opekta employees, Victor Kugler, Johannes Kleiman and Bep Voskuijl they helped hide the Frank family, the van Pels family and Fritz Pfeffer inside the upstairs rooms with the company’s business building on Amsterdam’s Prinsengracht from 6 July 1942 to 4 August 1944 as they kept the daily running with the business as usual.

Gies would purchase food to the people in hiding from several grocery shops and markets often and never carried several shopping bag or what she could hide under her coat.

Her husband Jan (who belonged to your Dutch resistance), helped by offering ration cards which he had obtained illegally to supply food as well as other supplies on the upstairs prisoners.

Life in Hiding

Life with the eight people within the upstairs apartment, which Anne Frank known as the Secret Annex, was tense.

They lived in constant nervous about being discovered.

They could never take advantage of the freedom with the outdoors.

They needed to remain quiet during day to stop detection by workers inside warehouse below.

During the above years of hiding from the Annex had changed Anne’s feelings where she now appreciated the smallest beauties of life, just like the sun as well as the sound of birds.

5 Healthcare

Isn’t it, high time, our public officials, started prioritize life, living, quality – of – life, and public health, and safety, rather than many, petty, partisan issues, they seem to concentrate – on? Should you will find there’s healthcare system, that is based – on, not just, what exactly is referred to, as use of care, but, rather, to affordability, and availability, instead? Instead, way too many politicians, usually frame their discussions, on, politics, political rhetoric, and popular with their core supporters (or, the things they perceive, as so), perhaps, as it seems (in their mind), to be, the trail of least resistance, etc! Although, many factors/ issues/ obstacles, etc, are based on this process, and just how we deliver, and perceive of, healthcare, this information will, instead, make an effort to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 healthcare – related issues/ challenges/ obstacles/ options/ paths, to take into account.

  1. Maintain existing system/ mostly private: Some, state, our present system, would be the way – forward, because, it’s based on capitalism, and the majority others, are socialist! However, that which you presently have, adds – to, the ever – expanding, 2 America’s, with all the haves, and still have – nots, determined by an individual’s chance to pay, and afford treatment! Some individuals, either, don’t receive, all of the possible options, alternatives, and/ or, treatments, since they can’t shell out the dough! Should usage of, and availability, of the most useful, possible care, be determined by the chance to pay?
  2. Medicare – for – all: Some propose, what’s referred to, as, Medicare – for – all, where healthcare, is, centralized, to a public, as an alternative to private one! Although, it resolves, the very idea of, unequal treatment, it will not, make the best system! Would the lower fees, probably, paid, to physicians, and also other health workers, deter some, from entering, and/ or, keeping that field? Although, supporters state, everyone enjoys their Medicare, is, that, in – fact, true? They, also, claim, it could be the most affordable approach, but, when, one calculates, what he pays – to the system, during his entire work – life, in payroll – deductions, and, then, the monthly charges, for Part B, and medications, plus an Advantage Plan, limits one’s choices, for physicians, etc, and, the ever – rising costs, and recent, financial challenges, Medicare, faces, would it be really, free?
  3. More options: How can we, possibly, balance, the fee – factors, in relationship, to quality care? How will we balance, paying healthcare workers, what they have to deserve, and, the best system?
  4. Address prescription prices: The cost of many prescription medications, rises, and, for a lot of of these, Americans pay, considerably more, than, nearly, anywhere, else, for your identical drugs! We must take politics, plus the political influence on the pharmaceutical industry, out – of – the – equation, and create a real attempt, to increase this obstacle, inside a realistic, workable manner!
  5. Difference between usage of, and accessibility to affordable care/ treatment: Beware, when some claim, we already, provide, usage of treatments, etc, you will find there’s real difference, between, mere – access, and, actual, availability on the best treatments, for – all!

Improving healthcare, for – all, is usually a challenging issue, which requires, thinking – outside – the – box, plus a willingness, to proceed, with objective – pragmatism, to accomplish a meeting – of – the – minds, for your greater – good! If we don’t, we have been saying, health, just isn’t an American right, and, wouldn’t that certainly be a horrible, statement, with the current – predicament, with this nation?

Keep Our Democracy If We Protect All Our RIGHTS!

After, worker on many political campaigns, previously four decades, as well as having written a huge selection of articles, regarding current events, and commonsense, it concerns me, the frequency of which, many individuals, pay so – little attention, and they are attracted to politicians, who seem to, merely, actually tell them, what it really seems, right now, they need to hear (even, if individual’s actions and behaviors, are yet to done so), as an alternative to what they need to learn! While most, would, probably agree, we’re currently, experience, more polarization, and partisan politics/ insufficient cooperation, than previously – before, in recent memory, they seem, unable, or unwilling to achieve, the attempt, to limit some RIGHTS, abbreviated – term, personal/ political agendas, and/ or, self – interests, risks this nation’s actual democracy, in the future! With, that at heart, this information will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, utilizing the mnemonic approach, what this implies and represents, and why it matters.

  1. Relevant; religion (you aren’t); right thing; responsible: Unless/ until, we protect our rights, rather than, selective ones, and realize, as an example, freedom – of – religion, means, all people have the right to observe their chosen one (as well as to decide to not observe any), and also this nation, by – design, won’t have a national religion (We are not a “Christian State”), we risk our future democratic principles! RIghts have to be relevant, and, doing the right thing, in a specific point, on time, means taking responsible actions, with sound judgment! For example, public health insurance and public safety, need to take priority, over, alleged, unlimited, Second Amendment Rights, and/ or, supposed, personal freedoms, being an excuse, for harming the health insurance/ or, safety, in the greater good!
  2. Integrity; inspire: Our national leaders should be held on the highest standards of non-public, genuine, consistent integrity, to allow them to, better, inspire others, to perform the right thing!
  3. Generate goodwill; greater good: We must start to prioritize the more good, and generating goodwill, when you’re open – minded, and inclusive, so, we grow the worthiness, and devotion to all of our freedoms and rights!
  4. Humane; head/ heart; healing: Wouldn’t we benefit, as being a nation, when we elected humane leaders, who prioritized healing, and bringing – us, together, as an alternative to polarization? It takes leaders, ready to use the finest aspects of their emotional, and logical potentials, inside a head/ heart balance, to really, keep America, as great, mainly because it should be!
  5. Together; trustworthy: If those, we elected, were perceived, to, far – more, trustworthy, wouldn’t it be the better choice, they could, better, bring – us, together, for the higher good?
  6. System; solutions (all, not selective); stronger; service: How should America’s systems, encourage solutions, which protect all of our rights, as opposed to, merely, selective, self – serving ones? We must attempt to make our democratic ways, stronger, plus more sustainable, after we hope, for making our Constitutional guarantees, be, of, more service, and value, to all or any!

If America is always to continue, to become, the voice for freedoms, human rights, and democratic ideas, across the world, we’ve got to begin, to steer, by example! Wake up, America, before, it’s in its final stages!