A stress fracture can cause severe, opaque or painful pain and should be diagnosed and treated by a health care professional. Diabetes affects nerves, blood vessels and blood flow throughout the body, including legs and feet. People with diabetes should check their feet regularly to identify wounds or foot injuries before complications develop. And to help control foot problems related to diabetes, they may need to see a health professional and an orthopedic doctor, and sometimes a vascular doctor.

One study found that people with rheumatoid arthritis were three times more likely to have foot pain. Arthritis generally affects the first metatarsalangian joint, which connects the base of the big toe to the rest of the foot. If this joint ignites, it can affect the Foot Doctor Beverly Hills CA functioning of the foot and cause pain and inflammation. Joint pain, joint stiffness, or difficulty walking may indicate arthritis in the feet. The foot contains bones and joints, ligaments, muscles / tendons, nerves, blood vessels, skin and soft tissue structures.

Since diabetic nerve damage can cause numbness, you can ignore injuries or other foot problems. If you have diabetes, check your feet or ask a podiatrist to check them regularly. Ask your healthcare professional what medicines can relieve neuropathic pain. When the muscles that control the toes become unbalanced, they can cause painful toe contractures.

The horns are small round yellow bumps that grow on the toes and can be very painful. You can notice the difference between a corn and a calle because a corn has a hard center. The horns develop after the pressure of another toe or poorly adjusted shoes. You can use corn to relieve the pressure, but do not try to remove a corn yourself. A podiatrist can shave corn according to a simple procedure and also recommend shoes that reduce the chances of developing another corn. Morton’s neuroma causes tissue to thicken around the nerves between the basics of the toes .

PAD can calm the muscles in your calf and other parts of your legs when moving. The condition can also cause pain in the foot and poorly healed foot injuries, Dr. Said Brezinski. An ingrown toenail involves the growth of a nail on the surrounding skin, which can be very painful. The nail can pierce the skin, causing inflammation and tenderness in the area. The toe can also be infected and cause pressure build-up inside the toe, resulting in more severe pain.