Create A Test Automation Strategy

If you want your versions to run successfully, you need a clear strategy. All the benefits of automation testing can backfire without a test automation strategy. Therefore, in order to implement automation testing and obtain a robust and better planned development lifecycle, an effective test automation strategy is needed. Let’s discuss in detail the key elements of an effective test automation strategy. Extensive testing is crucial for the success of a software product. If your software isn’t working properly, it’s very likely that most people won’t buy or use it…

These changes may affect test results, or automated testing may no longer work with future versions of the application. The problem is that automated testing tools use a number of properties to identify and locate an object. Sometimes a test tool relies on location coordinates to find the object.

In all honesty, the early stages of establishing a test automation strategy may require a certain amount of time, effort, study, and resources. However, once configured, test automation processes turn out to be solid investments that offer huge benefits in terms of competitive advantage, improved software quality, and improved user experience. All this makes automation worth the investment and a necessary element in successful software development activities. In our projects, we sometimes build a custom test framework based on a free open source tool like Selenium.

When you have a team to move forward with and a list of cases to be addressed, it’s important to select the right technologies. You, along with your TA engineer, will need to choose one of several test automation tools. To choose the right test automation framework for your project, you must first fully understand the needs of your project. Choosing the toolset is especially important in the development of the automated testing strategy.

Finally, make sure you can demonstrate the value of your efforts with quantifiable results. For example, it can show how many working days of release testing are saved, how many builds can be tested per week, or how you can increase platform coverage. Choose the one that shows improvement at the most painful point in your organization’s software delivery pipeline. An automation testing strategy is a “subset” of a testing strategy.