Does Your Son Want To Be A Professional Gamer?

This might be a future predicament for you but remember your goal. This isn’t all about the money, but your reputation as an online gamer. For starters, parents won’t understand why you’re doing it. It would take a great deal of explanation for them to get why you’re “wasting” hours of your life “playing” a game. While there are some supportive parents, most will leave you alone, forcing you to work twice as much just to support your path.

According to a study done by the German Sports University in Cologne, a professional gamer experiences the same tension and stress as traditional athletes. Therefore, they also practice the same extreme mentally and physically discipline that’s required to succeed. Gone are the days when professional online gamers are viewed as slackers in a dark room downing energy drinks one after another. Nowadays, professional gamers are viewed as “high-performance athletes”.

It is rumored that bigger streamers with a large number of followers and viewers can negotiate higher split deals with 60% to 70% in their favor. Your monitor is also a super important part of your gaming setup. All of you gear needs to work in sync so it can keep up with Gaming Videos you and allow you to be the best version of yourself, gamer wise. Ideally your monitor should be a 144Hz monitor with a 1 millisecond response time for the best experience. Your PC itself also should be top spec so it can handle any game without lag or stuttering.

It is essential to realize that if your son is adamant about being a pro gamer, then telling him that he can’t do that will damage your relationship. You need to sit down with him, talk about his motivations, and really try to understand him. If your child feels like you genuinely want to understand him, he will open up about his motivations. You will be better able to understand whether becoming a pro gamer is a realistic opportunity or an unrealistic fantasy. They always provide references of how you should be playing the game.

Start to play regularly with the same players so that you can get used to their play style. There is a multitude of different content on the internet that helps prospective pro gamers work on their techniques. Look on websites like YouTube for video tutorials on how to do popular techniques and read articles about different tactics or strategies that you can use. The more knowledge that you have over all aspects of the game that you play, the better you’ll be at the game. Competitive pros and lifestyle gamers are generally the two kinds of professional video game players, according to “How to Make Billions in E-Sports” for The New York Times. Not to mention that progressing with a team also helps to level up your player skills faster, learn new pro gamer moves, and do funny activities with other people.