Everything You Need To Know About Oktoberfest, Including How To Book A Last-minute Trip

The midweek has a lot to offer in terms of cultural diversity and fun moments. In general, people don’t want too much wine at Oktoberfest, making oktoberfest monaco 2023 this tent a great escape from the crowds. The spacious and open floor plan makes it ideal for people struggling with claustrophobia.

If you visit Oktoberfest when it first opens, there will be significantly fewer people than later in the afternoon. Most local Munichites have to work, and many will come to Oktoberfest after work, making anything after 5 p.m. Many tourists who come to visit can rest, sleep or breastfeed before going to the festival. I always arrive at 9am, get a seat and have breakfast before ordering the first beer. On a quiet Tuesday you can use that first hour to explore the different tents.

The most popular tents in the Oktoberfest area are full of drinkers during the day and music, even early in the morning. Oktoberfest begins in the second week of September and ends on the first Sunday of October, with three weekends. The best time to go to Oktoberfest depends on the kind of experience you want to have at the world’s largest beer festival.

You can also head to the River Isar, grab some cheap beers at one of the many kiosks along the river, find a hidden spot and enjoy a relaxing moment along the banks of the river. All of these suggestions mean fewer people at the event, but if you combine them, you might even have room to breathe. When I show up because Oktoberfest opens on a Tuesday or Wednesday in the middle of the week, I don’t have any stress or anxiety. I can enter the gardens, meandering at my own pace, choosing the table I want in the tent I want. There are no travel lines and the servers are friendly and happy to see you. Oktoberfest is one of the most popular events in the world and there will always be people, but planning and doing these three things will reduce the number of people at the event.

Oktoberfest is the best known, but it doesn’t give you the authentic Munich experience. Plan your trip with the Tollwood festival that takes place twice a year in summer and winter to see various theater shows, musicians, and the great street food. If you are more into music, come to the Long Night of Music for 400 concerts in one evening.

An estimated six million people a year drink as much as seven million liters of beer. Our packages are all-inclusive, so your tent, sleeping bags and air mattresses are pre-prepared for your arrival, our chefs will cook you a hearty breakfast every morning so that your stomach is lined and full of healthy fuel. Stoke Travel’s team and guides will show you the party, both at our campsite and in the breweries, and make sure you enjoy it. Our open and unlimited bar serves German beer and Spanish sangria, wine, soft drinks, tea and coffee, an unlimited open bar for only €10 per day. There’s little difference between the first and second weekend if all you can think of is cold beer and free time at the world’s most iconic festival. The first weekend is the best time to go to Oktoberfest to witness the opening ceremony and enjoy less busy time in the morning.

Since it began more than 200 years ago, Oktoberfest has grown to more than 14 large beer tents, more than 20 smaller ones, plus a huge fair. As a former employee of a popular “Brauerei in Munich” I was responsible for organizing 14 days of activities with companies, customers and large groups of beer lovers from Southern Europe. I also accompanied groups in the large tents and attended the official opening ceremony on Saturday morning. At that time, I’m talking about 20 years ago, we hardly had any security checks and as a pleasure of going to Oktoberfest, I remember walking through the main entrance early Sunday morning with very few people around. Although I haven’t returned to this amazing beer festival in years, I have very good memories of Oktoberfest.

However, if you have to visit on the weekend, Sunday evenings are the quietest nights, as most residents prepare for work on Monday and many people fly on Monday. If you can, plan to be there Tuesday through Thursday to avoid most people at Oktoberfest. Each of Munich’s brewers is building one of the temporary structures, with a capacity of about 6,000 seats. The mayor of Munich touches the first barrel that opens the festival. The total beer consumption during Oktoberfest is more than 75,800 hectolitres. Breweries are also represented in parades with beer carts and floats along with people in folk costumes.

The celebrations lasted until October 17 and ended with an exciting horse race. For a seated meal, head to one of the beer or beer gardens when the weather is nice. If you’re looking for more options and something along the way, head to one of the food markets. Just a few minutes’ walk from Marienplatz, you’ll find everything from soups to homemade falafel. Munich loves an excuse to celebrate, and no matter what time you visit, there’s almost always a festival.

At Stoketoberfest you will find a place to shop for your traditional dirndls and lederhosen, and enjoy drinking games such as flip cup, beer pong, or perhaps make a spin on our infamous Wheel Of Misfortune and lose your clothes. When you stay at stoketoberfest, you’ll explore Munich, make the most of Oktoberfest and lose out on the site’s dance floor with thousands of like-minded travellers from all corners of the world. It’s not uncommon to meet your new best friends, your perfect dance partner or the love of your life at our stoketoberfest campsite. The final week coincides with the national holiday on October 3, which means that most Bavarian residents rush to the breweries.