Belt warmers are often used in the plastics industry and in applications up to 1000 ° F. Termination options include cables, stainless steel braids and pool terminals. Holding options are available for all mounting requirements. Special building options include two-piece construction, expandable construction, cutouts and more. Manufacturer of standard and custom belt warmers. Available as belt heating elements in steel, brass and stainless steel.

WATTCO belt heaters are the ideal solution for high water densities and applications with high operating temperatures, especially for the plastics industry. The different types of belt warmers available at WATTCO include mica-insulated belt warmers and ceramic belt warmers. Ceramic belt warmers Mica Band ensure a long service life and consume less power in plastic extrusion and injection molding applications. These ceramic belt warmers are made of a stainless steel cover that encloses high-quality ceramic knuckles, so that high-temperature rolled nickel chrome element wire is executed.

Tires made of custom mica heaters, ceramic heating belts, expandable ceramic heating belts and mineral insulated heating belts are also available. Specifications for micro-insulated heater tires include operating temperatures from 300 degrees F to 900 degrees F . Manufacturer of cartridge heaters, casting heaters, ceramic belt heaters, electric heaters, electronic heaters and heating elements. Available in two temperature ranges at 1010 degrees C and at 1204 degrees C . Types include a flat plate and a semicircular plate.

This is the supplement after the hot tendon without electrical induction and the round or square oil heater can rely on the electric heating tablet. Starflex heaters are manufactured by hydraulically pressing a high temperature heating element into an accurately grooved aluminum duct. Heaters are held in place with low expansion stainless steel straps for intimate contact with the part. The aluminum duct offers low mass and high thermal conductivity for fast heating.

The ceramic belt heater is made of imported round ceramic side, which is curved in elastic yellow shape and penetrates into a ceramic ring. The Shell is made of stainless steel sheet made in Japan. High temperature insulated cotton is used in the medium to prevent temperature leaks. The ceramic rod is a high-frequency porcelain with fast heat conduction, hard and not easy to break, high temperature deformation is not easy to grasp, etc. Finally, tires with stainless steel mineral insulation are able to reach temperatures up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit .

Tire warmers are used in the injection molding, blowing film and extrusion industry. Types include mica-insulated belt warmers, metal or stainless steel tape warmers, ceramic insulated belt warmers, aluminum-based belt heaters and mineral insulated belt warmers. Manufacturer of standard and custom electric silicone rubber thermal blankets. Possibilities include designing complex shapes and contours available with power compaction zones. Heaters are available with a temperature range up to 450 degrees F, up to 37 inches.