Five Reasons To Install A Roll Protection Structure On Your Tractor

While 2WD tractors can often use simple tools, they cannot use some of the most advanced agricultural machines out there. Again, you are unlikely to use such things on a small farm, but if you have a lot of land then Massey Ferguson Dealers it may be important to think about it. If you need a tractor for 1 hectare of land, you definitely need one for 2 hectares. For extra stability, you can choose a sub-compact tractor with wheel spacers at the back.

Our first investment was two pairs of cutting shears that we started using to cut the scrub. We had 0 financing interest and because of everything we could achieve with it, I was always happy to make the monthly payment. 8 years later they paid him in full for a few years and he still serves us well. Harvesting generally means driving the tractor in rows to transport your reward home. If you plan to harvest your own hay, used sickle rod cutters, hay rakes and square packaging machines are often available at a reasonable price. There are also specialized teams, including tree agitators for walnut trees and potato excavators.

Before investing in a tractor, there are a few factors to consider. For example, you need to invest in a tractor with an effective engine to reduce the number of times the tractor breaks and maintenance costs. If your tractor breaks down often, you will not get a lot of work on your farm and this can affect your productivity. Metal weight ballast is recommended if you want to extend the load between the front and back of your tractor, which cannot be achieved with the water ballast of agricultural tires. You must keep your farm driveway in good driving conditions regardless of the season. Your compact tractor with the right tools comes to the rescue again.

In this article, we describe 17 reasons why you need a good tractor for your small farm + 4 things you shouldn’t do with your tractor. As an owner, it is difficult to appreciate the sense of pride and performance of owning excellent equipment, such as a compact new tractor. Knowing that there are no on-site tasks beyond your capacity once you have a tractor with the right accessories is a great feeling.

It is difficult to imagine tackling a construction project without a tractor. Drill holes go faster with endless, for a shed or to place a letterbox at the end of the driveway. The backhoe loader is one of the coolest accessories you can put on a tractor. Use it to dig foundations, power and water pipes or move sand and gravel. The charger, especially when equipped with forks, quickly exports building materials, moves cement bags, places beams or armor, and lifts roofing.

And start sculpting the ground, building ponds, leveling mountainous areas, etc. Endless postoperative is the best option if you are planting a large number of shrubs and trees. Sometimes it is simply not clear to buy a certain piece of agricultural machinery; on other occasions he will conduct research for months, calculate ROI and coordinate financing. This entire website could be devoted to such factors for any device used on a small farm and would still only scratch the surface of all the things that are known.