Besides its versatility and ease of use, the flaking mill also features a control unit for precise flaking control. The control system includes functions such as automatic start-up and automatic feeder gap setting. It can also be configured to automatically interlock during maintenance mode. The patented roller end seals prevent pitting of roller ends, and the design of the flaking mill enables easy maintenance and replacement of wear parts. The flaking mill and its drive motor are installed on a common base frame for easy accessibility. They also feature vibration dampers to prevent transmission of vibration to the building structure, which creates a comfortable work environment for employees.

Roskamp SP3200 flaking mill

The SP 3200 Flaking Mill is designed to produce uniform and consistent flakes. It features a large 32-inch diameter roll with a steep nip angle. The mill also features a dynamic roll balance for minimal vibration and bearing life. It is available for immediate delivery and includes a corrugated roll feeder and a 150HP motor.

Roskamp is a division of CPM and provides flaking mills in six models. The company’s flaking mills are renowned for being the most consistent and productive in the industry. The SP3200 flaking mill includes a double-sided v-belt drive, square bearing housing, and an adjustable feeder for oilseed applications. It is engineered to produce precise flaking without sacrificing ease of operation.

Baker Perkins Flake Master(tm)

The Flaking Master(tm) flaking roll offers consistent processing of multiple types of flakes. It can process corn, bran, and multigrain, as well as extruded pellets. Its unique design and easy accessibility to parts and components makes it a reliable and productive machine.

Baker Perkins has long been serving the baking industry. Its vast installed base and bread production expertise have enabled it to develop specialist equipment for niche markets. Today, the company continues to innovate and develop new products and process solutions for the food industry. Baker Perkins is committed to developing quality equipment for every key process stage.

MDFA Flake Master(tm)

The MDFA Flake Master(tm) Flaking Mill is the latest addition to the Buhler line of flaking mills. It is designed to process corn, bran, and multigrain grains. The mill’s advanced features help ensure the consistency and quality of flakes. It is easy to operate and offers a high level of food safety.

The EasyFlake machine control system features a touch screen and 3D visualization to give operators a clear view of mill operations and product temperatures. This control system makes it easy to learn how to operate the mill and reduces training time. It also enhances operating safety. Know more about grain cleaner here.


The Ferrell-Ross brand of Industrial Flaking Mills offers a wide range of capabilities. Its Flakemaster series combines superior flaking performance with simple operation and rugged reliability. These mills are ideally suited for both commercial and research-based applications.

The Ferrell-Ross 18X36 Dual-Drive Flakemaster Flaking Mill features two 18-inch diameter x 36-inch long rollers and a hydraulic system for setting the roller width. The mill is equipped with two 33-inch-wide access doors and a product sampling door.

Wolverine Proctor

Wolverine Proctor Flaking Mills are designed to deliver consistently superior flakes. They feature multispiral grooves on the rolls to maintain the most precise temperature control throughout flaking. This helps to eliminate hot spots and sticking. The roll surface temperature is also tightly controlled to a minimum of 1.5degF.

The report analyzes the competitive landscape in the Grain Flaking Mill market and includes detailed profiles of global, regional, and country-level players. It also examines trends and regional growth. The report also compares the global Grain Flaking Mill market to other relevant markets.

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