How To Hire A Ux Designer

Especially for developers and product people who will work with the designer, it is important that you match the personalities. Imagine an application you designed based on your assumptions and experience. The task of UX designers is to put all assumptions into hypotheses and test them. There are many ways to test design hypotheses and obtaining user data is as indicated.

Develop user flow, research what the app should look like to attract customers and let an engaging and enjoyable user experience rest on the designer’s shoulders. People don’t even stick to the app if they have a bad user experience. As a business owner and invests a lot of money in it, it will be difficult to see customers leave after the first interaction and all their money is burning.

Unfortunately, supply and demand contribute to the mysterious problem. UX design is still a fairly new job, so most UX designers have multidisciplinary design training. The more your UX designer understands the other parts of the project, the better the user experience.

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A visual designer is a specialist who combines the skills of a graphic and user interface designer. This means that the focus is mainly on appearance and aesthetics, while the UI / UX design is about planning, testing, organizing and creating images from the website or application. You can guess what happens when you hire a graphic designer or visual designer instead of hiring Northell Design a UI / UX expert It’s too common a story for talented UX designers to turn off a job interview when they realize the company really wants a graphic designer. This does not suggest that graphic design is not important, is, in fact, a hugely important aspect of a solid design strategy, it is an indication of a blatant lack of knowledge of the field of the UX designer.