How To Make Money As An Artist On Instagram

I explored ways in which I could make money with my existing artworks without having to make and sell original works every time. Zatista is one of the most popular platforms for selling original fine arts. He has appeared in numerous renowned publications such as The New York Times, Apartment Therapy and Architectural Digest. This makes it excellent for both sales and exposure, but it is also more exclusive for artists who accept: the current acceptance rate is only 5%. You must submit an application and your artworks will be judged on quality, marketability and the balance it brings to the overall collection of the site.

Then you have to invest in a high-quality printer, special papers and frames. You should also know what type of delivery method to use to bring your product to the customer. This can be daunting if you don’t have the initial funds to buy equipment and materials. If possible, you can visit your local home decor bookstores or home decoration boutiques to propose a sales contract where they custom wood keychains will sell their art in your store to reduce sales profits. Selling online digital art is often the cornerstone of passive online income, outside of print-on-demand services and direct marketing that generally does not apply to art-based products. As an artist and entrepreneur I wanted to find a way to make money with digital art and digital products; earn a passive income with my art.

Many artists appreciate their artworks without knowing what people want to publish. After a while, when their products are not sold, prices start to change. Changing the prices of your artworks regularly only confuses your audience and frightens potential buyers. The only way to successfully sell art online is to learn as much as possible about digital marketing. This is just one of many ways I use my art to make money, but I thought it should be shared.

But the reality is that you don’t need millions of points of view to start winning. Cat Graffam, an artist and art educator who has been honest on Twitter and YouTube about his concerns, warns of the potentially predatory nature of the market and investors. “I think the people who can win the most are people like the Winklevoss twins, who are already mega-rich and have an NFT platform,” says Graffam. Artmajeur is an online marketplace based in Paris, France, but sells works of art worldwide.

Use “story” features on social media to access your followers behind the scenes. These messages can, for example, contain some images of your painting or quickly provide art advice. They can also follow you on trips to art galleries or exhibition events in which you participate or simply promote.

You can mention paintings, sculptures, photos, drawings, multimedia and more! Your payment plans include a free basic account, which requires a 20% commission, or a $ 5 per month platinum account that requires a 15% commission. Artfinder is an online marketplace for freelance artists to sell their original work, be it painting, photography, sculpture and more! On the positive side, buyers are often more willing to pay a better price for quality work. However, it also means that Artfinder’s ratings for sellers are slightly more exclusive.

There are many people at these events and you will definitely get some sales or some attention. Make sure to provide business cards and flyers so that potential customers can find your social media accounts or have your contact details in case they want to buy from you at any time. Join community art gallery websites such as Etsy, Deviant Art and EBSQ Art. Upload your artwork images to these sites and set your sales price for each task.

As a graphic designer, illustrator, photographer or cameraman, you can license your artworks for stock websites as a way to earn passive income for artists. There are online markets that offer artists a place to sell their art on request with print. Another option is to use sites like Society6 where you upload and sell your art prints to receive royalties.