Request A Name Change

You must provide proof of the name change, but in most cases it is sufficient if you can show a copy of your marriage certificate or divorce decision. Not all states require you to file your name change in court, but some states do. In California, for example, you can technically choose a new name and use it consistently using the state’s method of use. But realistically, change my name online you may still need a court order to show banks, SSAs or DMV as proof of your name change, because these organizations are suspicious of identity theft. Some states also require you to announce your new name by publishing it in a newspaper. Wherever you live, research (your state government website is a good place to start) to ensure you follow your state protocol.

No matter why you might consider changing your name, the process is quick and easy. There are many reasons why someone would want to change their name: marriage and divorce are the most common. However, there are several reasons people change their name and it is essential to have a lawyer to guide them through the process. You are not legally obliged to change your name to your bank account after getting married. Fortunately, since they are managed at federal level, the process of changing your name on your passport and social security card is similar regardless of the state you live in. Once a court has rejected your name change, there will be a court order report approving your name change.

If you change your name as part of the marriage dissolution, you must obtain a certified copy of the decision of the secretary of the court. With this certified copy you can change your name on your driving license, social security card and bank account. The court may then require you to receive official fingerprints and a background check through the local police or the Federal Bureau of Investigation . After completing your fingerprints and background check, some states require you to set up and pay for a formal ad in the local newspaper or other publication. The purpose of announcing your name change is to inform your creditors and any other interested party of your intention to change your name.

You must inform government agencies, companies, family and friends about your new name. First tell the social security administration your new name and then notify the IRS and DMV; You may need to get a new driver’s license. Make sure to notify banks, credit card companies, utilities and mortgage or loan companies of your new name and make a list of identification documents, such as your passport, that you need to update. Legally changing your name, whether through marriage, divorce or for any other reason, can be a great event in life. The laws in each state are different and you want to make sure you do so according to the book, including submitting your request to change the legal name to the appropriate government agency.

The final decision was at best an impulse fueled by the happy coincidence of my birthday on the same day of the day planned to change the name of the court. Marriage and divorce are easily the most common reasons people change their name. In general, if you change your name after marriage, a marriage certificate is all you need.