Sealing strips for windows and doors with self-adhesive backing

An excellent way to save energy costs is during colder periods to seal windows and doors. Sanojtape has been marketing and selling window moldings and sealing strips made of rubber (EPDM) with permanent adhesive backing in various profiles for a long time.

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The profiles in the range are E-profile, P-profile and D-profile in white and brown. These sealing strips are able to seal various gaps and gaps between window and frame or door and frame. In addition to saving on energy costs, a well-sealed window reduces disturbing sounds from, for example, traffic noise and noise.

There are different ways to set up sealing strips. First, measure how big the crack or gap is to be sealed. We have products that seal everything from 1mm up to 5.5mm. E-profile seals from 1mm to 3.5mm and D-profile from 2 to 5.5mm. Look more on our website to further find the right product for your window or door.

Our window and door moldings last up to 8 years and all our products are made in Italy from EPDM and with a tape that has high adhesion. Then measure out a part and easily cut the window trim to the right length. Make sure the surfaces are clean and dry before applying the adhesive side to the window or door.

To measure how big a gap or gap you have, you can take a piece of clay or alternatively chewing gum (wrapped in aluminum or plastic foil) and then place it between the window and the window frame. Then measure the thickness of the clay to determine how big your grip is and then choose a product for this size.

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