Spotted Sea Trout Fishing

They are usually sought in inshore waters, over grass flats or shell bars where they school and feed. Live shrimp are top baits, though strips and cut bait work well, as do plastic-tailedlures. A popular strategy simulates feeding by splashing a popping cork set a couple feet above the bait or lure, across the surface on light Guided Fishing Boat Charters Bradenton Florida spinning tackle. For live bait, shrimp are both easy to find in bait shops along the coast and high on the menu for speckled trout. Popping corks are an incredibly effective to present shrimp. The float or cork makes a popping sound when you twitch it on the surface, which simulates fish feeding and draws trout to the noise.

You might find them in just two meters of water in the grass on the flats. One of my favorite methods for catching speckled trout is using a popping cork, which clicks when you retrieve it. For this fun technique, use a jighead and grub or a baited hook on a two-foot piece of 12-pound leader. A healthy grass flat will have two abundant species for you to notice.

In the northeast section of the state, the waters surrounding the St. Johns River are legendary for producing boatloads of trout. The most successful fishermen in this area usually target creek mouths that dump into the Intracoastal Waterways. Using scented soft plastic baits pegged on jig heads just heavy enough to reach the bottom, anglers should follow the tide from the small creeks as it falls into the open water. In the wintertime, I fish 6-10# test braid on the Osprey CE 1000 Spinning Reel, paired up with a 6’9” to 7’0” light to medium light rod. When that water temperature is 50 degrees or lower, you want to work your baits as slow as possible as well as gearing down everything.

During these cold days, the Speckled Trout do not have the strongest bites, but that is where the Osprey CE 1000 reelson a microlight rod comes in handy. These smaller set ups are more sensitive and give anglers a better chance of feeling these subtle bites. One of the most common questions we hear from anglers is what are the best rigs, lures, and baits to use when learning how to catch Sea Trout? While this is a good question, we think it is better for anglers to ask what is the best lure or rig for catching sea trout in the area that they are fishing. In an effort to better answer that question, we have asked one of our FFP Ambassadors and a FFP Co-Founder for their favorite Sea Trout lures and rigs for the areas they like to fish.

Speckled trout live in coastal waters, bays, bayous, and estuary environments. During warmer months, speckled trout congregate near sea grass beds, dock pilings, bridge pilings, and sand bars. Younger, smaller fish are more likely to be found in marshes and other protected areas, while larger fish seem to prefer open sea grass beds and docks.

The most popular way to catch sea trout on the Big Bend is to use a popping cork rigged over a live or artificial shrimp, tossed out as the boat drifts over patchy grass and sand bottom. Some anglers use simple J-hooks, while others use 1/4 ounce jig heads, to hold the bait. The leader between the cork and hook/jig needs to be long enough to allow the bait to suspend just over the grass tops.

I mention the pin fish because it is a gator trout delicacy when presented under a popping cork drifted over a grass flat. If you see a lot of pin fish on the flats then you can bet that there are a lot of trout around too. I am an INSHORE FISHING GUIDEon the Treasure Coast of Florida and have been fishing the grass flats and mangroves for spotted sea trout for over 40 years. The article below will tell you everything that you need to know about how to catch speckled trout in Florida. Most of the seatrout you catch will probably be in the 2-3 pound range. Fish this size can be targeted with live shrimp or live minnows.

Topwater plugs fished over oyster bars and shallow flats on the high tide stage will draw strikes from some large spotted sea trout. This is particularly true early and late in the day or on days where there is cloud cover present. As mentioned earlier, larger speckled trout target larger bait fish. A large top water plug realistically mimics a wounded mullet.