The 10 Most Beautiful Places In Italy To Visit In 2022

In the spring season, Rome has a warm climate and summers can be hot and humid. Temperatures in July and August can easily exceed 32 degrees Celsius. If you want to save money on accommodation and tourist attractions without the long queues, plan your winter vacation. With so many great cities to visit in Italy, the country’s most beautiful natural attractions are often overlooked by first-time visitors. The Italian mountains of the Dolomites are worth a trip from the other side of the world!

With so many Trenino rosso del bernina, it’s no wonder tourists have been flocking to this romantic, architecturally blessed and foodie paradise for centuries. Located in the northern region of Italy, the Italian Lake District is popular for its beautiful lakes. The Italian Lake District has been one of Italy’s popular tourist attractions since the time of the Roman Empire. This tourist destination is also popular for its authentic fashion and Italian cuisine and is usually visited by fashion lovers to explore the many boutiques in the region. Both cities are known for their attractive nature reserves and historical monuments.

On the south side of the lake is Sirmione, a popular seaside resort with Roman ruins, medieval castles and thermal baths. The capital Palermo is a bustling city full of color and beautiful buildings. The nearby Cathedral of Monreale is a masterpiece of Norman architecture, its walls covered with 6,340 square meters of interior walls with intricate mosaics by artists from Constantinople and Sicily. Monreale today stands almost exactly as it was built in the 1100s, and is one of Sicily’s main tourist attractions. This ancient city founded the oldest university in Europe in the 11th century.

The front of the architecture is made of gray wonder and white stone. For the extraordinary interior and exterior design along with artistic statues, visitors never miss the chance to visit this honorable place. In addition, the Baptistery of Pisa is considered the largest baptistery in Italy. For this incomparable architecture, people like to visit Pisa of Tuscany. The Sforzesco Castle is another remarkable site of Milan that can be visited. Having several museums and ancient art, this castle takes people back to the 14th century and gives it a surreal experience.

It is a commercial gallery of rich brands created in the 19th century. Visitors visit this place to experience luxury shopping and enjoy food in gourmet restaurants. The four-story gallery has shiny glass on the ceiling and wonder on the floor. The elegant style and beautiful mosaic design create an attractive face to the eye.

Then keep walking until you reach Via Clavature, home to a daily fruit and vegetable market next to a family-run deli and cozy wine bars. Pass Bologna’s Little Venice on Via Piella, where a small window opens onto a stream. Reserve a dining table at Osteria Broccaindosso, a simple trattoria where there is no menu, only local cold cuts, grilled meats and bowls of tortellini pasta. The other church to see is the atmospheric Santo Stefano, a complex of seven religious buildings built by the Benedictines from the 10th to the 13th centuries. The two leaning towers, Asinelli and Garisenda, are tall, thin pillars of brick and stone, higher than Pisa’s most famous. These are remains from the Middle Ages, when families had attached their own defensive towers to their homes.

In the heart of the lake is Bellagio, a romantic town with cobblestone streets and brightly colored mansions. This rugged island is home to long sandy beaches, prehistoric sites and colorful coastal towns. The mountainous interior of the island is a paradise for hiking, where you can visit one of the deepest gorges in Europe and the highest sand dunes in Europe.

It has been loud and clear this year that you like to travel to Italy. Whether you’re looking for beautiful beaches, striking old monuments or imaginative new restaurants in the city centre, Italy is one of your best places. Once known as the city of a thousand white sailboats, Camogli attracts tourists not only for its beauty, but also for its enchanting history.

Florence is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Italy, if you like artistic heritage. You can see the churches with amazing vaulted ceilings and impressive artwork from the birthright cradle. Where even gardens, monuments, buildings and streets are masterpieces, the capital of Tuscany fascinates tourists with iconic monuments, museums and art galleries. The Uffizi Gallery has a collection of some of the best masterpieces in the world.

However, after the completion of the 3rd floor, it began to lean south. Although the Tower of Pisa was originally built as the bell tower of the city’s cathedral in Piazza Dei Miracoli, known as the Square of Miracles, it began to be built separately in 1173. The building, which was started in 1173 and whose construction took 199 years, was interrupted for 1 full century due to the war, but was completed in 1272. The Leaning Tower of Pisa, which was tilted as a result of the collapse of the soft floor of the foundation, continues to bend at a rate of seven tenths of a millimeter per year, that is, 0.7 cm in 100 years.