The 100 Richest People In The World

This situation looks even better when you understand that overdue debts are often purchased for only 1% of face value. This would bring the total cost of eliminating all overdue medical debt to about $810 million. In 2020, the 400 richest Americans collected this amount about every 29 hours. Americans have about $81 billion in medical debt that is too late enough to appear on their credit report. These are usually small debts, with an average value of $207 dollars dollars per person. Based on the cost of vaccines and the cost of delivery, it would cost about $200 billion to vaccinate every person on Earth, which is about 6% of the wealth currently controlled by 400 Americans.

For example, James Dyson invented a better vacuum cleaner and Gianfranco Zaccai invented a better mop, the Swiffer. Judging by the media coverage of entrepreneurs, it’s easy to think that the #1 key to success is to jump into the biggest trends. Forbes has stated that jay-Z, after building an empire based on music, property, fashion and investment, is the first billionaire in hip-hop history. According to estimates, the rapper’s current net worth is “conservatively” worth $1 billion. Among the top 20 billionaires, the vast majority are men in the tech and retail industries. Some other notable names at the top of the list include Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Alice Walton.

China remains in second place, with 607, followed by India, Germany and Russia. Mukesh Ambani from India is still the richest person in Asia. This is a more complex program to estimate than the others considered on this page, as the cost would be continuous, rather than one-off, and the cost is highly variable depending on the size of the benefit provided.

At GCU, we see our students pursue this opportunity by enrolling in courses in engineering fields such as computer science and data analytics. Only 14% of billionaires have less than a college degree; while 52% have a bachelor’s degree, 27% a master’s degree and 7% a doctorate, GoCompare’s analysis revealed. Maybe they just want to make sure the money stays in the chain, but 88% of billionaires are married and tend to have more children than the average person. The average is two worldwide, but the average among billionaires is four.

Gates earns an estimated $11 million a day, and that’s not even the peak of his earnings. Musk, who owns 20 percent of Tesla’s shares, was the 35th richest person in the world in early 2020. He billionaire investor launched his career as one of the co-founders of PayPal in 2000 and also owns the rocket company SpaceX, which transports astronauts to the International Space Station in a deal with NASA.

Today, the system has been severely eroded: many billionaires and billionaires pay a lower tax rate than average American families. The richest 1% pay an effective federal income tax rate of 24.7% in 2014; someone who earns an average of $75,000 pays a rate of 19.7%. The United States still has more billionaires than any other country, with 735, up from 724 last year.

After paying for this vaccination program, these people would still be $40 billion richer than they were before the pandemic. This loophole allows many self-employed people to use “S-companies” to avoid payroll taxes. Used by Newt Gingrich and John Edwards to avoid taxes, closing this loophole would require that this income be treated as salary rather than profit, making it subject to payroll taxes.

As of 2015, only 46 billionaires were under the age of 40, while the list of American-only billionaires, as of 2010, had an average age of 66. The 100 richest people in the world collectively own assets worth $4.387 billion, Forbes’ list of real-time billionaires has revealed. After a quick analysis of the list, here are some pretty interesting facts that Business Insider has gathered.