To protect yourself and your family from swimming pool accidents, you need to get a pool alarm that can be attached to any screen or gate. These devices sound an alarm 7 seconds after they open, but they are silent enough to let adults pass through without sounding the alarm. These devices are also equipped with audible low battery indications. These products also come with a sensor switch and 6 feet of hook up wire. Besides these features, they also come with a sensor magnet and audible low battery indicator.


The Lifebuoy pool alarm is a great way to keep an eye on your family while at the pool. If you have an alarm at the poolside, you can easily remove it for safekeeping. The Lifebuoy has multiple sensors and a long range RF so you don’t have to worry about tripping the alarm off. The Lifebuoy alarm can be controlled using a Bluetooth App or a home unit button.

This alarm is an excellent option for above-ground and inground pools. It detects continuous motion in the water and sounds an alarm when a person falls in. It can be used in conjunction with other pool alarms and can be easily installed. The alarm works by monitoring water movement and is activated by an on-off button. However, some people reported false alarms. Some Lifebuoy pool alarms weren’t very durable over time.

Safety Turtle 2.0

The Safety Turtle 2.0 Pool/Water Alarm Kit includes a 3/4″ wide velcro strap, a 5″ long velcro strap, and a turtle sensor. The turtle sensor is attached to the child or pet’s collar via velcro. The child or pet’s safety sensor will activate when the strap is unfastened. The child or pet will not drown, but they will be immediately rescued. If the child or pet is lost or drowns, the Safety Turtle 2.0 Pool/Water Alarm Kit will alert the proper authorities.

The base station of the Safety Turtle 2.0 Pool Alarm is small, measuring three inches by three inches. This makes it easy to place near a pool’s electrical outlet. The Safety Turtle 2.0 Pool Alarm uses newer turtle wristband sensors. The older wristbands do not work with the updated base station. New turtle wristbands have a three-year active battery life, and can last for up to five years, depending on how often they are activated.

Poolguard DAPT-2

A Poolguard DAPT-2 pool alarm is designed to keep children and adults safe from danger by sounding an alarm seven seconds after a child opens the door. This alarm will continue to sound until an adult resets it. This pool alarm is always on, so it will automatically reset itself under any circumstances. It features an adult pass-through feature that will allow an adult to enter and leave without the alarm sounding.

The DAPT-2 makes a chirping noise every time an object weighs 18 pounds or more falls in the water. Depending on the size of the pool, this alarm is perfect for homes with larger pools. It can also be used under a solar cover. This device is water resistant and is waterproof. Lastly, it is made to be installed on an inground pool. However, its remote receiver may not be enough for outdoor installations.

Techko S189A

The Techko S189 Ultra Slim Pool Safety and Entry Alarm is a slim, ETL listed and UL 2017 approved device that sounds a loud alert when the door to the pool area is opened. Designed with two pairs of magnetic contact sensors and a remote bypass button, this product is a convenient solution for alerting anyone in the pool area who has not yet entered. The S189 is a slim, effective device that is ideal for pool areas with two gate entrances. Read more about the best pool alarms here.

This alarm is easy to install and uses a 9 V battery. It is compatible with both sliding doors and windows, and it comes with mounting hardware for both. It should be installed near the door to the pool area and high enough so that children cannot reach it. It is advisable to test the effectiveness of the alarm in different locations before you buy it, as some of these devices come with one sensor only. TECHKO recommends that you install the alarm where it will be most effective.

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