Top 36 Travel Gifts For People With A Passion For Travel

Testers also liked that the Alaskan bear’s discreet belt didn’t stick to long hair like a Velcro strap would. We think the Alaska Bear is an excellent eye mask for sleeping while traveling or in bed, regardless of your preferred sleeping position, but we found the nidra mask’s more spacious eyepieces to be more comfortable. This lightweight, uncluttered bag fits a week-long travel-sized toiletries into a compact package. It is intended to be hung, which makes it good for tight spaces, but it does not have much in the way of the internal structure. Simple and solidly built, these packing buckets keep your luggage organized as you travel.

Bucky 40 Blinks Sleep Mask – When I was a kid, I always thought people who wore sleep masks were weirdos. Getting a good night’s sleep, especially on long international trips, is essential to having a good time while traveling. After trying a variety of sleep masks, I think the Bucky 40 Blinks sleep mask is best. In my opinion, it is much more comfortable than more expensive sleep masks.

If you go somewhere where you have to walk a lot (or if there are unpaved or cobblestone roads), we recommend a travel backpack. Specifically, the REI Co-op Ruckpack 60+ Recycled Travel Pack – Men for Men and the REI Co-op Ruckpack 60+ Recycled Travel Pack – Women for those with shorter torsos. The thickly padded and stored straps of the Ruckpack are fully adjustable in height. The bag is made of recycled and sturdy ripstop nylon and has a warranty of up to one year. And it can accommodate around 60 litres, which gives it noticeably more space than our other selections, while keeping the overall dimensions manageable. You can read why we like the Ruckpack in our review of the best travel backpacks.

You can then easily access the gas accelerators, make your way through the crowd and walk safely on the busy sides. The only real downside I’ve found is that it’s a lithium-ion battery, which means you have to carry it in your carry-on luggage, not in your checked baggage. With the reasonable price and sound quality worthy of the JBL brand, it is an excellent travel accessory to gift to the frequent flyer in his life. But even if I don’t have a plan to use it, I throw it in my luggage every time. It can be useful if you’re in a hurry to pack and can’t fit everything in your bag as well as the first time, or if you stumble along the way and want to stop and walk to a quirky roadside attraction. Most of my other ultra-packable bags are bags, but I prefer the safety of a zippered backpack.

From preventing swelling to scaring off potential blood clots, fighting leg fatigue and more, they should be a staple in the closet of any frequent traveler. This set of three pairs of Charmking is available in over 30 different combinations of patterns and colors, so you can choose a set that suits the style of your favorite traveler. They offer a good amount of compression and provide great breathability. The latest Fire tablet is the ultimate packable entertainment hub for the road warrior. It has up to 64GB of storage (and an extra memory card slot for those super-long flights) for books, movies, TV shows, podcasts and songs, plus up to 12 hours of battery life to play it all. Throw this lightweight bag the size of a phone into your luggage or jacket pocket and you’ll never be caught without a spare bag again.

It also helps if you can avoid cotton and stick to merino and synthetic fabrics, which dry faster. It allows you to hand wash clothes in the sink as needed to reduce the amount of laundry you need to take with you. If you have a great time there in the middle of nature, you don’t want to miss a single moment. If you have a camera, then having a tripod is very useful, because you can easily capture that fascinating scene, and we don’t even need to list the benefits of having this super essential travel accessory.

At the same time, it still has a full-size keyboard, making typing effortless. Weighing just 2 pounds (0.9 kg), this laptop is the perfect combination of functionality and weight. I just threw mine into the elastic and open compartment in Work the main compartment of the Synapse 19 backpack. For example, the Synapse 19 was my only suitcase during a two-week trip to Morocco. One afternoon I took the train from Marrakech to Casablanca and arrived about an hour before sunset.

Frustrated, he developed his own method of compactly wrapping clothes, the Bundle method, which he has used and perfected over decades of travel. Most travelers use compression bags to condense socks, underwear, and other things that don’t mind crumpling into a package with half the total volume. For example, an 8- to 12-liter bag can squeeze a wool coat and the value of a long weekend socks and underwear into something that fits in one hand.