Like Coppola’s The Conversation and De Palma’s Blow Out, Kimi is a tense, paranoia-filled conspiracy thriller that has been updated for now. The superstar comedian isn’t scared in this comedy from the Farrelly brothers about two of the dumbest guys in film history. With a mind reminiscent of the physical comedy of classic comedy cinema fused with the rude humour of the ’90s, this is a generator of joyful laughter, the kind of movie you can watch over and over again, laughing every time. Nordic Noir is firmly entrenched as a subgenre thanks to TV series and films that tap into the desire for Scandinavian crime dramas. Erik Skjoldbjærg’s film is based on a true story and takes a naturalistic approach in his account of a 19-year-old man whose obsession with fire has taken a dangerous turn.

A cap point from Tobe Hooper’s 1974 masterpiece, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, X is set in the Lone Star State in the ’70s and you can almost feel the dust, sweat, and pheromones coming off the screen. The small cast and crew of a Debbie Does Dallas-like porn rent a barn from a creepy old coot where they plan to shoot their latest leather movie. But they soon find out that the old gray farmer and his wife aren’t exactly friendly hosts or movie lovers.

With performances by Eddie Redmayne, Sacha Baren Cohen, Alex Sharp and John Caroll Lynch, Sorkin’s big-budget historical drama takes liberties here and there, but the result is a fascinating examination of American history. Hamilton and In the Heights’ mastermind Lin-Manuel Miranda created the songs for the film and agreed vivo de kinkajou, with Ynairaly recording Simo Gabi Hernandez, the young woman who helps Vivo in his quest. A long list of popular Cuban musicians and artists, including Gloria Estefan, complete the film’s cast and contribute to a musical score rooted in the region’s history and culture.

Five years ago, Kogonada, the director of hypnotic insightful, Korean-born video essays for the Criterion Collection and Sight & Sound magazine, made his feature debut with soulful indie Columbus (if you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor). Now the sequel, After Yang, has arrived and while it’s a stranger and more ambitious film, it’s just ดูหนังฟรี as intimate and charming. Yang is both a loving companion and a connection to tyke’s Asian heritage. But one day Yang leaves, leaving each member of the house with a void they don’t know how to fill. As with Columbus, every frame in After Yang could be tucked in and hung in a museum: Kogonada is certainly an artist with a capital A.

The Northman has the greatest strength and a star-studded cast that you feel would follow the visionary Eggers almost everywhere: Nicole Kidman, Anya Taylor-Joy and Willem Dafoe. Eggers’ manic attention to the details of the time is dazzling, and every spooky shot looks like it could be framed and hung on a wall at Norway’s Viking Lofotr Museum. Interestingly, the only version of one of the most acclaimed war movies of all time currently on Netflix is the “Redux” edition, the longest cut released in 2001. At the time, Coppola worked with his editor Walter Murch to restore 49 minutes of footage cut off from its initial release.

X, directed by next-generation horror master Ti West, takes a fairly standard exploit formula and elevates it to a chilling, terrifying monster. X is a witty horror film that doesn’t touch you with its artifice. This uncompromising notion of massiveness takes place in the 10th century and plays a very good Alexander Skarsgard as a Viking warrior hungry for revenge after his father and king are killed.

Steven Spielberg’s period piece plays Liam Neesonas, the real titular merchant who became a war hero. Schindler’s List is an unwavering account of the horrors of the Holocaust and a testament to an individual’s power to bring about positive change. The American Film Institute ranked Eschindler’s List as the third most inspiring film in history, only behind It’s a Wonderful Life and To Kill a Mockingbird. Gone with the Wind took the Oscars away from what is considered hollywood movie’s best year, and it remains the highest-grossing movie in history if adjusted for inflation.

Based on Margaret Mitchell’s massive novel, Victor Fleming’s historical romantic epic plays an iconic Vivien Leigh as the strong-willed daughter of a plantation owner struggling to survive in the Civil War and rebuilding the South era. Clark Gableembodies Old Hollywood sex appeal as the cynical philanthropist Rhett Butler. Their love story is a film legend, and Fleming’s scope and producer David O. Selznick’s vision remain impressive.

With bodies still developing unseen organs, surgery becomes a public performance art. Social factions are formed around different ideas about where humanity should go. Somehow it’s all wrapped up in a strange sweet package, with the human connection at its core. This 2020 war drama marked a celebrated return to form for director, producer and co-writer Spike Lee, and collected a long list of awards and awards for both Lee and the wonderful achievements of the film’s talented cast. The story follows a group of Vietnam War veterans who return to the jungle in hopes of finding the remains of their dead squad leader and a hidden treasure they left behind during the war.