You Can Offer Really Cheap Guards???

Ultimately, the choice to hire guards or a security company depends on the unique security needs of your company. But don’t hire a security guard because you think your company will automatically be “safer” because there is a “real” person on the site. Often you just use a “security theater” that looks good, but does nothing to really secure your business and physical assets. Centinel Security Guards Unlike a standing guard, a uniformed patrol officer visits the property a specified number of times a day, as determined by the client. In C.S.I. Patrol service, multiple small business owners can share the services of a patrol officer and distribute costs and services evenly. A permanent guard may be armed or unarmed and remain on the scene during the duty period or day.

Litigation about adequate building security, guard coverage, behavior and actions of guards, or lack thereof, can cost you money, reputation and even your job. The mentality of hiring guards has not changed much, in many cases the “low offer” still prevails. Even after the tragedy of September 11, 2001, I notice that in many industrial sectors there is still indifference to the selection and management of security agents, especially hired security agents. Clearly, there are areas where we have seen significant changes, such as airline detection and public facility security. There are also companies and other entities that clearly care about security or have a security management team that understands the risks and rewards of effective management of the security force.

I have read that most robberies or vandalism occur in business parking lots rather than real cases. If this is true, then I think hiring guards would be a great investment in the well-being of your employees and customers. How much does the 24-hour security service cost your company?? In California, the average rate is $ 20 to 30 per hour, depending on various options.

The security guard must go through the next step to call the police, check the building for stolen items, etc. but also protect the broken window, which is now a weak point. The ability to request a backup copy from a supervisor or patrol officer is definitely an added value that security companies can provide. They can also be a smaller company where the owner operator is responsible for customer service, supervision and account management. That can be great if you want a high contact contact contact service, but when it comes to very small surgery, chances are something will break. If only one or two guards resigned, the company could withdraw from them.

This is also an industry where customers are bombarded by security vendors who know that the customer is not well aware of the cost-for-performance formula and therefore simply drops a low number. This low number makes the customer think they are paying too much and brings them back to the security vendor to meet or provide even fewer numbers to keep the bill, the cycle continues. I never thought of a security guard from the perspective that you mention that he has data on daily activities.

It’s great that you’ve talked about how important it is for small businesses to have a security guard by their side. My sister is considering opening a pawn shop with her husband. The only thing is that they are concerned about the safety of the place as it would be in a somewhat insecure neighborhood. So I think your article can help you fix the security issue. Thank you for the advice on the benefits of hiring a security guard for your business. I love the idea that a security guard patrols a parking lot at night.

Companies that need extra protection, such as shop theft or parking problems, can benefit from a physical security guard. Before adding this to your security plan, it is a good idea to weigh the pros and cons. I like the idea of hiring a professional security guard to protect all your guests’ belongings in the parking lot. He couldn’t even imagine how terrible it would be to go back to his car after his friend’s wedding and it’s broken. I’ve never thought about hiring a security guard for a wedding, but now I can see why it’s a good idea. An unarmed guard generally costs $ 12- $ 20 an hour, while an armed guard generally costs $ 18- $ 25 an hour.